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Happy Birthday Tina!!! Love the picture..reminder to self, do not let jen c do my slide show pictures for my wedding... :) We will celebrate this weekend??? Love ya!


All I can say, Jenny, is paybacks are a b*tch. You had better hope your SIL Tina really likes you, or she's gonna go diggin' in your mama's closet for some pictures of you that she'll put in the paper!! (If she doesn't have a blog! If she DOES have a blog, she needs to be sure to email all of your lurkers so we can see what YOU looked like! HA HA)


Nice Tina, I expect to see this look next time I see you...which is hopefully soon! Happy Birthday!


nice jenny. thanks.


awww, tina you were so cute!! :) happy birthday!

jenny's mom, tina's mom in law

what an adorable picture, i can see cute little grand daughters someday!! i wish you a very happy birthday, our family is so blessed to have you in it. we love you so very much. jim and i hope you had a great day! happy happy birthday!!

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