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LeeAnn Howard

Hey We give high fives but also give the pound as well. We call it "Taters". Not sure why, we got it from a friend of ours whose child is 6 and has been doing that for a long time. So we took the saying from him. Some of our other friends say pound em well. Lukas is notorious for saying, "Give me Taters", just like saying "Give me Five".


I can barely muster a high five, but I thought the Obamas bumping was great, but the pat he gave her on her hinder was a bit more intimate. My stepson bumps and my daughter does high fives.


oh, and my dog can knuckle up, too.


we 'knuckle splash' in our family... that's a bump where you spread your fingers out afterwards. :)

and, i considered doing it at our wedding before we kissed. so it's definitely romantic. :)

and, i think it's hilarious the media is covering it.


We do high fives, well, Porter does. He always adds in a "Yesssssss!" along with his high five.


I forgot... Sawyer calls it a "knock", we don't call it a bump :)


ha ha!!

with the kids... we do "knuckles" which you call a "bump"...


Seeing as I am a high school teacher, I feel I am "in the know" about high-fives vs. bumps. According to my students, high-fives are totally dorky and bumps are the accepted norm. I tried to give a high-five the other day, and it got bumped :)

Jen Marquardt

I give bumps because i feel cool instead of the high fives.


1. I don't do anything. I'm not into high fives... never have been. haha! As a matter of fact, it's a running joke between me and my husband that I'll never give him a high five... he's kind of a high five fool!
(I did slip up once and high-five him when we won some game or other and I HAD BEEN DRINKING. It was automatic and I was ashamed of myself after... HA!)
I'm kinda with Seinfeld when it comes to high-fives. Remember Puddy???

2. Sawyer high-fives all the time, and hands bumps out like nothin' else. It's his signature goodbye. He doesn't bother waving, he just runs up and asks for a high-five or holds out his fist. Pretty cute.

3. um... what kind of bump are we talking about here???!


We just do high fives, and I usually only do them with the kids, not normally adults. Maybe back in the day I did, but no more high fives for me! I can't believe that story though, people will talk about anything, huh?

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