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LeeAnn Howard

I would LOVE to be in any Justin Timberlake videos! I've always love to dance and really like his moves and find him super HOT when he's dancing!


I am gonna have to go old skool here and say Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf. Just enough freaky to be interesting, me thinks. Plus, John Taylor. HELLO.



You crack me up! I would be in every single one of Mr. Kenny Chesney's videos!


oh i totally know this one! same mistake by james blunt, or carry you home or basically any james blunt video! where is my genie in a bottle when i need one!!!!

jenny's mom/tucker's gram

i don't watch music vidios either, but i agree with you, they look like they are having a great time!!!


Totally want to be in weird al yankovic's videos....ALL of them


I thought that video looked really fun too!

Denise H.

You are Funny! Well, since MTV doesn't really play music videos any longer I haven't seen too many recently. But the only one I have seen in the last year would be Julianne Hough and it looks like Fun! Hanging out on the pier by the ocean. Maybe that one!

Although, my old one would be the 98 degrees (way back when) I DO video. I would have liked to be the girl snuggling up to the guys by the fire. OOOH LALA


That does look like fun! I can't really answer, because I never watch any music videos....but I will go with any old classic and say Cyndi Laupers "Girls just wanna have fun"..I've always loved that video!

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