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LeeAnn Howard

I will comment again.. HOT HOT HOT!!!!

Susan Weinroth

(ps i almost cried when she gave him the boot)


HOLY CRAP...that is a damn fine picture of him! if he's coming to your house i'm coming too!

Denise H.

UGGGGGGH! Why do people think he is so Cute?? He doesn't do a thing for me! I am glad that she got rid of him she is to good for him.


OMG. Leave my boyfriend alone!


I have no idea who that is...though from other people's comments I get the feeling its something from the Bachelor, maybe? He's gorgeous!


I have no idea who this is but he's kinds cute. Loooooooove the new header pic. He looks so grown up!


i predict that she'll end up regretting her decision to get rid of graham and it will eat her up inside and she'll end up doing the same thing to one of the other guys that brad did to her. hope not, but that is my prediction.
jeremy better get booted next...he gives me the creeps. i'm really cheerin for jesse now.

Sarah VM

I picked him from the beginning! YUMMY!

I'd like to see more of him!

LeeAnn Howard

HOT Tamale! I can't believe she got rid of him. I could see him coming back as the next Bachelor for sure!


I am at a loss for words reguarding this topic!!! I knew the outcome that day when I came to your house and you hadn't watched it...and it killed me!!! I was so disappointed, I know that Graham didn't have the easiest time opening up but Gosh Damn he was easy one the eyes!!! I think he should be the next bachlor....just to give me a reason to watch!!! Anyway, this is a little lenghty so we will continue this on Monday!!! Hope your weekend is good, See ya Monday morning!!!


oh Lord he is hot! I drooled constantly, please feel free to keep this post at the top of the page ;)
I am glad she didnt keep him around though, but I am sorry that it took her so long to figure out that I dont think she was the man he was looking for. I figured that if she picked him that they would have been over by the time the final episode aired. I hope she finds her true love though!


I don't know who the hell Deanna is, but he is hot. Thanks for the pic!


I don't know who that is...but, I don't care. He is delicious!


So hot!!!! Seriously, will she regret this in the end? I can't wait for next week's "Afer the Rose" so I can drool about him again. But it WAS lame that he wouldn't open up until after he was a letter no less...must have been burned in the past or something. I will throw up if she picks Jeremy...he seems SO he has a script he'd memorized for every scenario. Blech! I'm for Jason now.


But, please feel free to keep that picture posted for eternity. Whew! I'm having to fan myself a bit...


Yeah, he's hot. But he knows it. And from the editing, he didn't treat her all that well.

Hotties are good and all, but he is not yet marriage material. I wanted to smack her for keeping him as long as she did...


he is hot. and wow...did they have chemistry! but graham. GRAHAM! you need to grow up a little. stop being so defensive. don't pour your heart out in a letter AFTER you leave. you really disappointed me. and deanna.

god. i love this show.


i don't get what everyone sees in him... i think the guy with the kid is much cuter... but then i've always had a hard time putting aside personality and i think he was such an ass. seriously, i wanted to kick him in the head when she wanted him to open up and he said 'good luck.' i got that bad feeling in my stomach when he said that the same way i used to when some guy i liked didn't like me enough and was being a jerk. i'm pretty sure she did the right thing.

CRIPES, am i a little too emotionally invested in the bachelorette?


I wanted to smack her in the head for not choosing Graham. He was my favorite. He is so cute; Oh and has great teeth!!


What was she thinking! What a hottie..

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