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Nice catch! :) Also like the word whammer thing. lol.


How fun! Looks like you had a great time! I need to go fishing sometime this summer. . . its been Forever since I have gone!


Love Split Rock lighthouse. We were just up north for "Heritage Days in Two Harbours" and I got some great pictures of the old light house my self! But seeing it from the the lake view, from in a boat is beautiful....


nice shots!
superior can pull in some crazy fog, huh?!
good job fishing!


split rock lighthouse. Wow. That is beautiful.


Nice fish! I can't wait to get out on the a lake and get some fishing done. Maybe this next weekend.


ahhh! i miss being out on the lake! i bet it was freezing!


Wow, fishing on Superior is probably way cooler than the lakes around here. I don't usually fish though, but Annika loves to! It's so cute with her barbie fishing rod. Does Tucker like to fish? Natalie is beautiful, is she your sister? She definitely looked fabulous on your fishing trip!

jenny's mom/tucker's gram

nice shots, have to go to work, will read the post later and will see you at lunch time!


We sure do come from some beautiful scenery don't we???:) I miss the lake:( I get to see it on Friday though!!! My dad was suppose to go out on the lake today too...but he came down with my uncle and brought me my bed and dressers and stuff:) And then brought me out to lunch:)

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