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LeeAnn Howard

I am soo behind on the Bach. I need to watch like the last 3 weeks!! GAH! And now i just found out who it is, but thats ok.. I wonder who they will bring back to be a bachelor.. maybe graham?? or jason??? =)


I was rooting for Jason, too, but I feel okay about it after seeing she and Jesse together.

Do you watch Lost? I think Jason's voice sounded exactly like Matthew Fox.

Your package will go in the mail by Friday!!!


Big smile -- I went shopping for you tonight, I may be able to get your package together sooner than I thought!


You are awesome!!!


Congrats Maggie!

I can't wait for tonight's episode. I only started watching about 3 episodes ago, which is actually quite ideal. I don't have to wait so long to figure out who she picks.

Also, it seems in the previews that one of the guys she previously got rid of comes back. Maybe I'm reading it wrong.

I'm voting for Jesse.

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