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That blizzard sounds delicious!! I'm going to have to check out this movie..the clip is hilarious! I hope the weekend gave you the break you needed.


Holy freezing mother of the tundra - you are so funny, Jenny! I love your new header.


First, thank you SO MUCH for my fantastic pay it forward gift -- I LOVE IT, and it totally made my entire week. THANK YOU!

And second, that thin mint blizzard sounds amazing -- I just might have to go out and get one for myself; thanks for the recommendation!


so since your having a sensaria party you should have a tastefully simple party. who doesn't like to eat, right? and plus i'm the consultant so it would be fun (at least i think i'm fun)...think about it! and i wish you tons of luck for the fishing tourney, how fun! have a good weekend! we really need to catch up one of these days!

jenny's mom/tucker's gram

movie clip is too funny, yes tripoley is a fantastic game, we use to play it till all hours of the night. you and dustin would be getting up in the morning and we would all be sitting around playing from the night before! go figure. but it was a blast and you don't loose a ton of money, and you all have a greaaat time!! great gramma weezie use to play weekly with her local lady friends years ago. they would take turn at each other's houses. back in the good ole days. enjoy. and yes tucker sang twinkle, twinkle little star the other day when we were "crusin" as he says...downtown. i've witnessed it on the phone and in the car. it is too cute. he's one smart little "cook"ie!!!
love ya, have a good weekend, we will be workin usual

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