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Kristi S

I have at least 10 gray hairs and I am too vain to let it go...(I never noticed them until I stopped highlighting it with blonde) I will dye my hair until I am an old lady!!


Well - the girl who does my hair told me "if you are over 50% gray, just go gray and have your colorist put in SILVER highlights so the gray has shine and highlights. I'm not there yet, but my gray is coming in stark white and ver coarse. My natural color is very dishwater dark blonde/brown. I have my colorist put more light silvery blonde highlights and try to give my natural color a richer tone. That way, the gray that is there just blends in more and more as it comes in. I have several friends who are already very gray / white and it looks beautiful. I think it all depends on the cut. Just stay updated with a good cut and the color won't matter.


it's not the gray per se but how the hair itself turns from supple to crackled that kills me. I foil like a mother flippin'.


I have a few grays here and there but nothing to bad. My Mom started going gray at 16. I am 30 and thank god I haven't yet. I have really dark hair so it's going to suck.


I don't have any grey (yet), and haven't thought about what I will do with them when they come . . . I am adding that to my list of 'More-Things-To-Worry-About-When-I-Have-Run-Out-of-Other-Things-To-Worry-About'. (Oh, yes . . . it exists.)

My Mom has started getting grey on the sides of her head in the last several years - her stylist blends the grey out to match her brownish-blond, and then adds highlights. I actually like that she does this, because she is far too vibrant to have grey hair - as I think most women are.

(And seeing that Jaime has grey hairs and isn't even 30 has me running to the mirror after I finish this - the big 3-0 was a few months back and I have yet to take a good look!)


I started dying my hair pretty young, before I had any grey hair. then, when i was pregnant i let it grow out and i was shocked at the amount of grey that I had! Now I just keep up the roots but always make sure to buy a shade pretty close to the last color that I dyed it! I know that my stylist says that you can just touch up the roots if your hair is highlighted and I know it works even if you are grey...just ask me ;)


I just dyed my hair dark last week (after being a fake blonde for my whole life) and my hair dresser says to me, "Now, don't be mad but I found a few gray hairs"...

My response..."Isn't that what I pay you for?" So yeah, I will continue to dye my hair. I love it! Maybe when I'm really old I'll let it go white like my Grandma's. I think you reach a point where you look like you're trying to hard but not until like...70ish. We'll see. :o)


I have some grey, but I do color my hair, at home with a box. I've been coloring my hair for years and years, why stop not when it is going grey.
As Jaime said, my mom was salt and pepper in her 30's and is now blonde thanks to color in her 50's


if i am under the age of 55, i will dye it. FOR SURE. after that, we'll see where i am in life!


Oh, I think I have a ton of gray hair. I've been coloring my hair (mostly at home on my own) since I was 16, so I don't really notice and I'll probably just color my hair for the rest of my life. :)
But I do see the random grays pop out here and there and I definitely notice more when I'm in need of a regular touch up. I've only had my hair done professionally a handful of times and usually just color it at home. It's so easy and unless you're doing like a million colors, no one can tell the difference. I even did my own highlights for about 5 years. Now I'm just lazy. One color these days. Boring.
My mom's almost completely gray and she just turned 50, so it's not looking good for me.


i don't have gray that i'm aware of. but hubs has lots :) and i'm not sure what i will do... funny!


OH. MY. GOD!!! You don't have any grey hairs yet?! I have a gazillion!!! (ok maybe not a gazillion, but a lot) Yeah that's right...thank your lucky stars you aren't 22 and have grey hair. SO in light of my new grey hairs (that seriously just popped up in the last year)...I now get my hair highlighted with 3 colors and then the rest of the hair that wasn't included in the highlights gets dyed. Sweet huh?


I have pulled three gray hairs out of my head. I hope that will be all for a while. Once it starts, I will be dying my hair. I will probably just do it myself since my salon charges way too much for hair coloring. As far as getting highlights, I am not sure.


I rock the gray...It adds to the awesomeness...

that and I have no choice as it started in highschool


Hmmm, I think I've had a few gray hairs but nothing big. I think I will definitely color it, I already do on a regular basis so it won't be any diff. I am sure I will tell people too. I doubt I'll really go gray though, my mom isn't too gray yet so I have many years to go!


I'll color it. Luckily I haven't spotted any yet. If I go by how my parents are, I've hopefully got a good amount of years left before I have to deal with it.

Denise H.

I haven't seen any gray yet but I KNOW that I will be dying my hair to cover it. Maybe I am vain...


I'm just the type of person that, if I do something, i normally tell. When I GO grey, I'll cover and I'll tell.

So, I do have a couple greys already. I pulled like 3 out of the very top of my head a few weeks back. I didn't know at first if they were blonds or greys. But they were greys..... and I kind of freaked a little bit because, geesh, thought I'd be 30 before I ever had greys:)
I think it happens so gradual, so if you regularly color your hair, you'll keep doing it and then would have to make an effort to NOT color it once it was completely grey/salt&peper. kwim??
I will continue to color my hair until it no longer takes the pigment:) and i think even when it's grey, you can still make it look blond, so that's my plan. hahaha....

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