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This is a great topic! I don't think that an age difference is a big deal at all and I totally agree with you. As long as they are both mature and enjoy each other's company who cares? Just let them be happy and be supportive! :)


I think that age is just a number, and if they are both mature and in a good place in their lives and it is a healthy relationship and they respect each other........then I think it is great.I believe that true love has no age. My husband and I are the same age.


Doesn't matter to me normally. My wife has a cousin who is 23 and married to a man who's 43. During the wedding reception there were two back to back pictures in a slide show with the caption "1987." Picture one showed her in diapers in a car seat. Picture two showed him on the back of a tank on an army base. His friends and family laughed. Hers cringed.

jenny's mom/tucker's gram

age is only a number, it's in their hearts that matters, if they care for each other, that is all that matters, don't care what other people say. busy bodies have nothing more important in their life than to pick apart something they know nothing about. my husband is 8 years older than me. it doesn't matter. if he were 8 years younger, or 15 years younger it wouldn't matter. it's the love in your heart that makes the difference. I wish them both the best. I know who you are talking about and think the world of both of them. 2 good people deserve each other. :)


I don't think age matters much either. I am two and a half years older than my husband and it mostly makes no differences. (I know two and a half years isn't a lot.) It was weird for me at first because he is only five days older than my little sister (but more mature, at least when we met and married, maybe because he's an oldest child). There also seem to be some critical cultural references that I am old enough to understand and he is not. Born in '76 vs. born in '79, it's funny there are things he can't remember that I have clearly in my mind.


Very interesting topic! I agree with you in that there really is no problem when the parties are mature and committed to one another. That being said, I do think there are age gaps that might be a bit difficult to bridge at certain times - ie., when one party is in high school and the other is not, when one person is of legal drinking age and the other is not, and when one person is retired and the other still has to work (my parents are in this category, though each of them is still working fulltime - my Dad is 69 and my Mom is 57.)

Hubby is 34 and I am 30 - it is only weird when I remind him that I was still in middle school when he was graduating high school.


I agree with you. As long as everyone is happy, legal age and mature enough to handle it - go for it. Who cares what other people think - whatever works for you.


i agree that age doesn't matter... who am i to judge> i'm going to throw this in there though... sometimes we are different places at different times in our lives (ages), going through different mental/physical things and that might add another challenge in a relationship/marriage. but you can be any age and do that. more power to them i say.


After you are out of college, on your own and truly "adult"...I don't think the age factor matters much. But Hulk Hogan's ex who's like in her 50's dating a 19-yr-old guy who is a year younger than her daughter?...yuck!

Kim Airhart

One if my BFF is married to a man that is like 17 years older than her. She is an old soul and you can't really tell the age difference when they are together. There are times when I see a 50 year old married to a 20 something and then I question it but who know. Brent is 8 years older than me.


i don't think age matters when there are two mature adults involved. i am older than pat by less than 3 months, he always says i'm the older woman :)


Age shouldn't matter as long as the relationship is one of partnership and not parental in nature. I have a few friends where their age differences spands up to 25 years, but they are so in love and perfectly matched for one another. Age shouldn't be a factor.

(my husband is 4 years older than me)

Mrs Pop

My husband is 7 years older than me... I don't think the age thing really matters as long as you can find common ground with each other. My personal limit when dating was 10 years older, 2 years younger.

The only thing that gives me pause with too large of an age gap is that life experience can put you at different points in your lives emotionally and could potentially lead to some troubled times.


I don't think age should matter at all. Who cares as long as both people care about each other. People who try to put down someone else's relationship because they think the age difference is too great, are probably just jealous they're not as happy as the couple in question:)


i agree on all points. love is love is love. my husband is only a few years older than me but i have friends that have a 10 year plus gap. as long as they're happy, i'm happy!

i wish people could find something more positive to worry about then someone else's relationship.


i agree too! what bothers me more than a large age gap is other people judging someone's large age gap. :)


My husband is two years younger than me, and I've never seen anything wrong with it. When we got married, he wasn't even 21 yet. But, he was more grown up than I was at that point. I agree, as long as two people are happy, age should not matter. As long as they're not together for the wrong reasons.


I really don't think it's a big deal. There is only a 6 month age diff between me and the hubs (1 year in school), but if I fell in love with him and he was say 10 years older, then who cares? Is it anyone else's business anyway? People should just be happy for their friends. I agree though, no underage dating (ewwww) or crusin' the nursing homes. That's just not right!


I'm with you 100% Jenny! At a point, age really doesn't matter. I know plenty of couples that have a gap of 10+ years and it just works for them. Again, as long they are two mature adults, who cares.

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