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What a little cutie! I wish that I could still get people to give me balloons for doing things that I don't want to. "Thanks for scooping out the litter box honey, here's a balloon!"

jenny's mom/tucker's gram

he's a cutie with long or short hair, i asked him when i watched him on wednesday if he wanted his hair cut and he said "NO" so way to go girls!!! great job, he's just as cute as ever!


Cute Cute Cute! They look so much older with big kid hair cuts.

LeeAnn Howard

What a great cute on him! He looks a year older now. :( They are getting to old!!!


he looks so different with short hair but i think he looks so cute in longer hair. not that boys like to be called cute or anything :)


What great friends! Mr. Tucker is so stinkin' handsome - long hair or short hair!

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