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Awesome photo! You have to start sharing your processing secrets, as the pics you are posting get better each time... I love the sky in this photo. Are you using a filter?


What a great picture Jenny!
The water looks like glass. And so peaceful :)


Beautiful and soooo calm. looks like a nice place to be.


Wow, what an awesome view and picture. I'm jealous! Glad you had a nice long weekend!


Wow, what a gorgeous lake! Glad you had a great time! :)


Are you kidding me?
That looks beautiful!
I love the reflection and your color....WOW! Amazing photo!


Wow! That is an awesome picture - can't wait to see more! And I think it is so cool that Tucker is such a good sport when it comes to camping and such - my kids are definitely city kids compared to him!


I love the picture! Beautiful!


gorgeous photo.

jenny's mom/tucker's gram

what a beautiful shot jenny. i'm glad you had a relaxing weekend! you all deserved it. i'm sure tucker had the time of his life fishing and ridiing in the boat. so fun, i wish we could take some time to enjoy ourselves this summer, but unfortunatly building the house is top priority..............maybe next summer.


Lucky ducks!!! Gotta love the north:) Glad you had a great weekend!!!


Your photo looks so peaceful! It makes me feel all nice and relaxed just looking at it. :)


cool pic. had a great time camping with you and the rest of the family. we should do it more often!

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