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No, I don't use reader, but it sounds really helpful (and fun). I'm going to have to check into it. Thanks!


Woah - we are on the same page here. Someone commented on my post for help about tags and you can sort your starred items by the tags...this kind of helps the order but not so much.

Kristi S

I use Google Reader and I have never starred an item!!!??? I try to read them all within a day and try not to add any new blogs, I think I am at my limit.

LeeAnn Howard

I have google reader and use it for about 150 blogs that i read. i have similar folders like yours and star the posts that i need to go back to and comment on. So if you get several of your postings with comments from me in a row, its because ive starred them and am now getting back to them!! :)


Google Reader is my BFF. Seriously - it has made my life so much easier, I can't even tell you.

I just have blogs in general categories - photography, finance/deals, and 'other'. I don't ever star anything -- if I don't have time to read it, I leave it as unread. And if I want to go back and look at something, I recently discovered the handy search feature that google reader has, that you can find anything in any post in a feed you subscribe too. I had no idea (until yesterday) that this existed, and it might just be my favorite thing ever.

I seriously don't know how people keep up with blogs without a reader though - I would be totally lost of my google reader went kaput!


i don't have reader. i just have a select number of blogs bookmarked in firefox over to my left that i periodically click through. any more than that and my head would explode. and now that i've discovered facebook, well i have to split my time some more!!!!!!


I have google reader and I have it in no order at all. Just a list and I read when I can! Lame-o but true. I don't have that many blogs that I read. I try to not add more because I just don't have time to get hooked on more!

Kasey Laughlin

I use google reader and have almost 200 blogs that I read. yikes! I have them set up by real life friends, blogs that I comment on and are friends in blog land, photography sites, infertility sites, multiples, and craft ideas. It at least helps by getting them organized and then I can just read them by subject. another idea with the star items is to print them off and put them in a binder to keep too! having the reader is an addiction b/c you always add more!!! :)


So I HAVE a reader set up...but I don't use it. I pretty much read the same blogs all the time...i know, lame, right?


oh yeah, it totally fuels the addiction.......having a reader that is! ha ha ha
I use google reader. I do not have a system though. I just use it to let me know when people have updated. Sometimes my reader will get overwhelmed and I'll just click "read all" and move on and start fresh.


I use reader just to tell me when people have updated their blog. Then I will go in a read them. I only have about 15 blogs that I read because I am new and also because I don't want it to get out of control. I like the blogs that I currently read. I haven't got into starring or creating folders yet.

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