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I got shot with a taser too. I believe I still hold the county record;)


love the idea of top ten tuesday!! might steal it. my brain is fried too. i don't even know where i am most of the time!!!


I swear my children are living off of my brain cells - they seem to suck them out of me!

And I am with Michelle - being shot with a Taser gun sounds like a story that needs to be shared!


This is so funny! I love the isea of "Top 10 Tuesday". I will have to try that. Your just cracked me up!


I was just thinking "If my brain has error codes, mine would read "Virtual Memory Error: Buffer full". :)


Jenny, it only gets worse the more kids you have. I swear, I can't remember anything from one minute to the next. I think I need to take something for my weakened condition, maybe some ginko-biloba or something?

Why the heck did you get shot with a taser? Something tells me that you could have a whole post just about that!

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