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I suck at bowling! Love the name of your team. Love the pink bowling shoes.

Have a great weekend, Jen.


Looks like you girls had a blast! I love those pink bowling shoes!

jenny's mom

you are doing something i wanted to do my entire life. i love to bowl and always wanted to join a team. never did. it's in our blood daughter!!! go girls!!! i love the name and saying you have picked up!! can't wait to see the uniforms!!
love your new hair cut honey. very cute!!!
hi tina (special daughter in law) if you're reading.
love and miss all of you!!
have fun bowling!!!


LOVE the new hair.......It looks great!!!


LOVE the shoes! Looks like you girls had a fun night - can't wait for Friday updates on how you did!


Great picture of you and the girls....Cute shoes...It has been a long time since I have been bowling. Have a great time.


Those bowling shoes rock :)
I think it's so cool that you do this with your friends. I wish it were something that my friends would be interest in.


I think it's great that you do something fun with your girl friend! I love the shoe picture- those are some super cute bowling shoes. They're definitely not the ones I remember!

Kristi S

How fun! I've only gone bowling once in the past 10 years, but I do enjoy it :)
ute pic of you and your girls!


CUTE!!! You are so lucky to live somewhere with friends and family allllll around you. Glad you had fun!!! Love Jen's new kicks!!!

LeeAnn Howard

we used to bowl on a couples league for 3 years.. loved it!!! i love those cute bowling shoes too. might have to pick bowling back up to get some cute shoes like them!! :)

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