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good idea jen, i need a good book to read! i get into reading mode but i have such a hard time picking one out on my own, i always worry it won't be a good one.

a joke: why didnt the ghost want to go to the scary movie?

he didn't have the guts.

that joke is courtesy of tj.


This is a totally great idea. I will be copying you.

Something funny - Lexi wore her little snow/cold/bear outfit yesterday because it was really really cold when I put her in the carseat she was basically a mound of fluffy fleece and cheeks. And she was not so amused that I was laughing at her. So I had to take a picture of this. As I was looking at the picture I see her little hand. She's flipping me off. Giving me the finger. Waving the bird. I have to think it was not an accident.


Too early to be witty & I'm too far away (hence postage too expensive anyway), but I at least wanted to tell you that I love the idea :)!


i just bought 2 new books. maybe i will give them away when i am done. hmmmm cade told me his friend at school was a good "colorist"...

jenny's mom, tucker's gram

i have worked with this woman for many, many years,she was telling me about her ex husband, she said she only shot her shotgun thru the wall once at their home while in an argument with him and she said she broke his nose twice and only once was an accident. you have to know her but i thought it was sooo funny. she's happily married and only breaks her own nose now when she falls down, like i said, you gotta know her..............i think tucker is lovin his gram and will pick me....we'll see


hmm count me in, sounds like fun!

Leslie Collins

Here's something I haven't shared yet today. This morning, I just stepped out of the shower and Reyna is in the hallway with an unwrapped panty liner trying to stick it to the crotch of her pants, saying "on, on." I was dying. It was too funny.


i need to get into reading.

i'm so bad at being funny... but here's my son's favorite joke right now:

what did the ghost say to the other ghost?

"do you believe in people?"


What's brown and sticky?

A stick!

Hey, if Tucker's gonna pick, I might as well pander to his joke level! ;)

Kristi S

I have nothing funny to say right now but I'd love to get my hands on that book!


i need a new book....something fast that can keep my brain occupied :)

my hips don't move when i belly just sort of awkwardly floats back and forth. it's not funny but it sort of is...


as in blog give away i mean. i am always giving them away, but have never done so on my blog.


hi, too early to be funny. don't enter me in the contest because i have that book. i just wanted to say that it was a good read and what a great idea to give away books already read.


I don't feel very funny tonight either. I'd just like a free book!

I was playing in the gym at the Y with Gage last week and went to kick a ball, and my leg went flying out in front of me as the leg I was standing on slipped. Both legs went out and I went down directly onto my butt. It didn't even hurt...because I think I was in shock. It happened so fast.

There was this young "kid" (probably young 20's. I'm 31 and can call him a kid) playing basketball. He pretended he didn't notice, and just kept playing. I just sat there, dumbfounded for a few seconds. He then glanced over, "Are you okay?". I said, "Yeah. Thanks for not laughing at me. I'd be dying right now if I'd witnessed that!"

My butt still hurts a little.

Was that funny?


I read this book several months ago and just adored it. The whole story was so brilliant and written so well...I really became emotionally attached to it. And the end? Wow.

Since I've already read it, I won't ruin the fun for anyone else and enter - but good luck with the giveaway! Hurrah!

What is next on your reading list?


Yay! Another book giveaway!!

Hmmm... I think I'm fresh out of funnies... it's late! The most recent thing that made me laugh was that Stride gum commercial where that guy gets rammed by that goat or ram or whatever it is... have you seen it? I completely cracked up the first time I saw it. SPIT YOUR GUM OUT ALREADY!! (if you haven't seen it go find it on youtube)


I'd love to enter! I've never read this one, but I've heard lots of people mention it.

Something funny....
My little girls have these funny little tails they got for Christmas last year. They're made by Playskool and they're called Tag Tails or something like that. Each has a belt it clips in to, and the point is that the kids are supposed to play tag and you win when you grab and pull off someone else's tail. Well, today my 3 year old was trying to put one of the tails on, but she didn't have the belt on so didn't have anyplace to attach the tail. She ended up shoving it in the front of her waistband and running around with it poking out of the front of her pants. Instead of looking like a tail she looked like she had a freakishly big and crazy "you know what" (boy part) hanging out of her pants!! LOL LOL LOL LOL If that doesn't make you laugh then I don't know what will. A picture maybe, but sadly I was too slow to get to the camera. hehe


P.S. Thanks for the entry. :)


all i have to say is drunk creeper at the muni buying us a $10 round... GROSS but now funny!


Can i just say image 085 that you took of dave and I? I look like i am about to eat his face! We laughed quite hard!


Another trip down memory lane....for those of you that don't know, I babysat Jen and her brother for one summer (not so much Jen - mostly her bro). Anyway, when Jen and I would get annoyed with her brother, we'd team up and put him in the panty and stick a knife through the door handles so he couldn't get out. We thought we were soooooo funny. Oh, and don't worry. We let him out after Days of our Lives. ;)


Oooh, I love to read, so I'll enter your giveaway. However...I can't think of anything funny at the moment. Oh, here's something. Went to grocery store today with Ryan in tow. Picked up two items. Grocery store was having a boo-tacular event giving away goodies around every corner. My purse was overflowing with stuff. At the checkout, my kid was running all over shouting "BA-WOO!!" because he wanted a balloon. I finally got him, balloon, overflowing purse, change, receipt, etc into my arms, out the door and into the car. And then I realized I left my two groceries back at the checkout.


Well I was all dressed up to go out this Saturday night and my 5 year old rubs my tummy and asks "mom is there a baby in there" she gives by belly a squeeze and says "I feel her legs in there" -----I just about hit the floor--NO I am pregnant!!! But I guess I will start my diet TODAY :)


okay, i think this is funny to think about. remember art our table it was me, you, spina, conboy, who else? was it meg? we goofed around so much...what grade were we in? i guess it's not a joke or anything, but it makes me smile to think about the 'good ole days' ;-)


SO I'm totally up for a good book...and to make you laugh??? a trip down memory lane...ready? let's take a the the back of my dad's blue Ford pickup with your brother, you and myself (and possibly Zeus?) riding all the way down with the trampoline and some beanbag chairs..."hiding" from the cars we passed, throwing shit around the bed/topper area..and then getting to the cabin and having a mini-avalanche of white BEANS falling out of the truck...apparently we "popped" a beanbag chair? Us??? Destructive??? Never. You prolly don't remember this, but I do, and I laugh everytime I think about it!!! Love ya!!!

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