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Looks like a fun trip! Its a good sign when everyone falls asleep on the car ride home!! Love all the pics!


Looks like a great time! What zoo did you go to? I love the zoo and so do the kids!


lucky for you that llama didn't spit on ya!!! love the pic of them all sleeping!


The picture of all of the kids sleeping in the backseat is very, very cute!


Looks like you had a great time..Zoo's are sooo much fun.

Kristi S

Looks like a fun time! The llama photo is awesome- I can't believe they let you touch them!!


Looks like you guys had a blast!!! Poor Kenna, could she breath!!! Just think that is what my back seat could look like one day!!! HAHAHA SO kidding!!!


I like the Llama stink eye;) The look like they had loads of fun. The girl looks smushed in between those car seats.

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