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1. like everybody else, i love some chilli.
2. i'm pretty sure reese's pbcups
3. i guess just taking the kids trick-or-treating now. but i think we'll do some hayride or pumpkin patch thing too.
4. i think my favorite costume was pajama girl, in Esleep PJ's. and that was the year we got that blizzard on halloween:)

jenny's mom

favorite meal / pizza / quick,easy and yummy. like to pick up a sammy's frozen pizza and cook it at home, yummy, yummy.
favorite halloween candy / pretty much anything that has chocolate on it. do like carmel apples
in the fall i like to decorate a little bit if i'm home. i look forward to spending some future halloweens with my little punkin tucker
favorite costume / i've worn so many but i was a clown the year i was pregnant with my son and i made the face out of plaster parris. it was quite the ordeal. and a clown costume out of white sheets with BIG dots all over it. was pretty cute. i've also been ragady ann, a mummy, a trench coat guy, lots of fun things! i miss dressing up. someday i will surprise my children and come up some halloween and they won't even know i'm there. too funny that would be.


i love fall. i have a fav cheddar soup. i eat candy corn like it's a crack addiction. we ghost our family and neighbors. pumpkin patch...the apple orchard. and of course the hanging of the black skull and rose wreath. this year i HAVE to remember to take it down before xmas :(


1. I love pumpkin pie!
2. 100 grand candy bars
3. We always go to a pumpkin patch to get our pumpkin
4. I was an Oreo once!


fall meal: Chili
Candy: Those little bags of tart and tinys
Fall tradtion...well Derek and I go grouse hunting, does that count?
My favorite costume was when I was
Punky Brewster a few years back. My hair color disaster was perfect timing for halloween!!

Kristi S

I love Chili
I love Snickers
I love Apple Orchard and Bonfires
I had a ton of cool costumes as a kid! I might even scan all the photos and do a post about it sometime soon!


1. what is your favorite fall meal? is it a soup? a hotdish?
Hmm I love chili in the fall

2.what is your favorite kind of halloween candy? I love candy but I don't eat it very often. I love candy corn

3. do you have any fall traditions? Apple orchards and bonfires. LOVE EM

4.what was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore? Probably when I was a biker chic when I was 18. I was head to toe leather. Hot!! The good old days


1. I LOVE Chilli- along with everyone else that reads this
2. Reeses REESES reeses and the flavored tootsie rolls
3. Fall tradition- hockey season starting? (is that a tradition or a fact of life??)
4. I have a costume to be Harry Potter this year (I'm really excited)- last year is my favorite to date I was Ugly Betty

Dana Leigh

1) Chili is really good for fall...with cheese and sour cream on top and saltine crackers to dip in. I love hot dish too. Would I be a Minnesotan if I didn't?
2)My favorite kind of Halloween candy is anything that is chocolate. Oh wait, that isn't just limited to Halloween, that's any time of the year. I do love peanut butter cups, twix, milky way and almond joy.
3)Some fall traditions that I do in the fall are going to the apple orchard, going to bonfires, having Booya (a long slow cooked soup for those that don't know), watching the World Series and getting up to the North Shore to look at the leaves change by your neck of the woods. :)
4)I've never really liked Halloween for some reason so I can't really remember my costumes. I did dress as a Geisha once and I really liked that costume.


1. what is your favorite fall meal? chili with noodles, cheese and sour cream!!!
2. what is your favorite kind of halloween candy? flavored tootsie rolls
3. do you have any fall traditions? decorate!
4. what was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore? my "wet t-shirt winner" costume....LOVE IT. And will post pictures after this halloween:)

Val in Ohio

Hey there! I was just checking out blogs of folks that made it in to Karen's class and thought I'd drop in and say HI. This class is gonna be so much fun!

PS: I think your pics are already fabulous looking - great stuff!


by the way i have a fantastic recipe for iced pumpkin cookies that are to die for! and of course they are fat free ;) but seriously, they rock...let me know if you want to try them...


favorite meal: homemade chicken wild rice soup with homemade bread

candy: well, anything! i LOVE candy corn!

tradition: going on hikes, the applefest, anything pumpkin, i.e. candles, cookies, pies

costume: the year i was a witch and i won top costume at the finland halloween party! yay!


Favorite fall meal: Hmmm, broccoli cheddar soup! But I love it always!

Fave candy: Twix!

Tradition: going to the pumpkin patch and picking out a pumpkin.

Fave costume: I don't even remember mine! Sad huh?


-Fall meal: Gotta go with Chili
-Halloween Candy: Don't even get me started. We are going through multiple bags each week. I like them all. When pressed to choose, I'm going with Twix.
-Football is the only fall tradition around my house - do you know of a pumpkin patch around here?
-I think being Ron Weasley was my favorite costume.


1. what is your favorite fall meal? beef stew/roast in the crock pot
2. what is your favorite kind of halloween candy? used to be bite sized snickers - til the peanut allergy struck!
3. do you have any fall traditions? go to the pumpkin patch
4. what was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore? when i was 5 my mom dressed me and my dad up as aunt jemima. and we won whatever contest there was at the ICC building! ha ha!


Fave meal: Hm, I'm not sure I have one. Maybe chili? Basically anything not cooked by me is my favorite!
Fave candy: peanut butter cups, Dots
Fave tradition: going to an orchard/pumpkin patch
Fave costume: Mine were pretty unoriginal as a kid. Once in college I dressed up as a condom- that was pretty funny!


Fall is, by far, my favorite season!

I always crave chicken and dumplings.
Since I don't like chocolate, I always look forward to jolly ranchers!
Don't really have any fall traditions, we always used to go up north, but not so much these days.
I was tinkerbell one year for halloween, and it was so much fun!


For Leah (who I do not know personally). The year I dressed up like Medusa someone asked if I was MiMi from Drew Carey. Must've gone a little overboard on the green eyeshadow. Never mind the fact I had snakes in my hair....
Thought that was all too ironic after reading your comment :-))

Mrs Pop

what is your favorite fall meal? Hands down, roast in the crock pot!

what is your favorite kind of halloween candy? Reese's peanut butter cups.

do you have any fall traditions? Decorating for Halloween, visiting the pumpkin patch, hosting Thanksgiving, lots and lots of football watching.

what was your favorite halloween costume you ever wore? This is a tie: The witch costume my mom made me and I wore for two years in a row and the fairy costume, for which my father made me wings and a magic wand (he made this incredible star out of a coat hanger).


1. White Lightning Chili..nice and spicy!
2. Peanut Butter Cups without a doubt
3. Visiting the Apple Orchard with my girlfriends and taking the kids to the pumpkin patch
4. I had GHETTO costumes growing up. If I had to pick one, I'd say Little Red Riding Hood.


It's funny b/c even though I "enjoy" fall, it's not one of my favorites. I find it rather depressing; everything dying, it's a preview of the long, cold months ahead.

BUT, this year, I'm really "in the mood". I've been wanting to bake with apples, cook soups and chili...
looking forward to raking leaves and taking pictures. (Not my leaves, we have baby trees. So we'll have to go to the park!!)

Enough rambling: My answers to your questions:
1. Any type of soup. And homemade bread. I make a really good vegetable soup called "Confetti Chowder", so that would probably be my first choice.
2.I love "Bit O Honey". And I'll ALWAYS steal a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup (or two, or three).
3.If we are back where I grew up for any weekend in October, we go Hiking in a place called "Wildcat Mound" (central WI). It's where Tim proposed to me, and it's beautiful with the changing leaves...
4. I was Medusa one year in college. I HAND STITCHED a bunch of rubber snakes into a black wig...took me hours but looked AWESOME! I then dressed my (now husband) boyfriend up to look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show. Not really a "match" that evening, but we both looked good!


1.Fall meal~Chicken dumpling soup/chili
2.Candy~Twix or 100 grand YUM!
3.Traditions~Love to go to a pumpkin patch to pick the perfect pumpkins and get pictures of course!
4.Favorite costume:Scarecrow

Denise H.

1. My husbands Chili or Clam Chowder in a read Bowl. YUM!
2. Almond Joy tiny candy bars!
3. My sister has a Pumpkin Carving Contest and Heath and I hold our annual Murder Mystery Party.
4. Oh, this one is so hard! I have way too many. Probably Cinderella or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Oh and I liked my Nurse one too and Pocahantas. haha All of them! :)


Favorite Fall meal: spicy white chicken chili.
Favorite Halloween Candy: Reese's peanut butter cups.
Our fall tradition is to go to the apple orchard to pick apples and pumpkins and of course, to take a hay ride.
My favorite halloween costume was for sure the Purple Crayola Crayon. My sister was a blue one! I must find a picture of us to show Emily, she would die.

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