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I thought the Mickey Jack O'Lantern was the cutest thing until I saw Tucker the Turtle! Oh. My. God. Is he cute!!


Tucker is a cute little turtle! Looks like a great halloween!

Dana Leigh

I know I keep saying this but I TRULY love every photo you take. You are so talented.

Jamie Sampson

so fun! love the pumpkins! the mickey seems like it is right on par with my pumpkin carving skill level!

I love the the, I want caneee! so cute!

Hope you have a happy week,


Very cute turtle costume. I love the orange legs!! You joke about Christmas but I saw a sign that said "Only 8 weeks until Christmas". What!?!


I love the Mickey Mouse pumpkin! I might steal that idea for next year.


He made a great turtle. Some one was putting Christmas lights up when we were trick or treating.

LeeAnn Howard

Your Mickey turned out cute!! I love the pumpkin that u picked out too, with some green in it. Adds character!!


what a cute orange-legged turtle :D love your eyeball lights too.


hahaha, LOVE it...TOO CUTE!


Looks like you had a great Halloween! I love the pumpkin!


Cute turtle! It was such a nice night out for the little ones.. and we got plenty of candy too :)



Happy Halloween to you,too.

Kristi S

He is adorable!


Totally cute turtle costume! Glad you guys had fun.


Sounds like Tucker will have plenty to share with "gir-friend"!! He looks so cute in his lil Turtle costume!!! Oh, Glad I stayed home for my whopping 3 friggen Trick or Treaters...yea not impressed thats me!!! Hope Tucker had a great time!!! Have a good weekend, see ya Monday!! Oh no candy after 6pm Sunday night....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! Hahaha

Nicole Barczak

Your Mickey is great! How do you get the edges so smooth? Its like rounded! HEY Porter and Tucker had the same bucket!


SO CUTE!!! I think that's all I ever say on here is cute....awesome..etc. But really, he's such a little cutie!!!

About the Christmas decorations...I went to Walmart this morning before work...big ass DECORATED Christmas tree in the middle of the aisle...all the gift cards? XMAS related...the candy isle? XMAS related....what happened to Thanksgiving???

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