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Dana Leigh

That's awesome! How great to have a win like that on your birthday. If you do win the Powerball, remember those who read your blog. Ha ha. :P


That's awesome! Good luck on the Pball! I never buy tickets!

Jamie Sampson

I love you. You said damn. That is awesome. I am so freaky about saying things like damn and other words of questionable merit on my blog. You are my new favorite person.

I am so excited for you guys! $500 bucks! Awesome! Go powerball jackpot!!!

Jen R.

I have dreams of winning the lottery. But I've never bought a ticket. I guess I'm afraid of my dreams. Ok just kidding. But happy birthday to your hubby!


happy birthday! congrats!

so i'm in suspense...


Lucky indeed, happy birthday to him!!


Funny! I wish my husband would win 500 big ones...I'm buying a ticket on my birthday this year for sure...


Happy Birthday Matt!!! Nice pick on the lottery!!!


Happy B-Day MATT!! celebrate with you this weekend! :) Congrats on the 500 hundo and good luck tonight on the powerball I'll be watching for it and hoping that cor wins instead of you ;)

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