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Yup, I am right there with ya. I am like just get one already. Jeez. Morning and night for the last month.


Count me in on that as well:).. we were up north all this last week as my husband was attempting to fill our freezer:).. hopefully your hubby will have much better luck than what mine did.. we saw more deer on the ride up than he did all week:).. oh and I LOVE tripoly too!


omg. i am traumatized.


My entire family is really into hunting and fishing, so I know how you feel.

Good luck Matt!


Was it Mr. K shooting off a few clips?!


Yes, I am a deer widow. Our bow season starts Oct. 1st and that is mainly when Jade hunts. He isn't too big on gun season. He doesn't leave for a weekend or week. I should be thankful for that.


Oh yes... He left this morning. Say hi if you see him running around town! He'll come home Monday and leave again to head back up on Wed. Still trying to figure out why he even comes home... I wish i could say i have big plans, but no.


good luck to your husband. i am a widow too. my husband and my son. they have been at it with bow hunting since oct. 1st and then shotgun season is in a couple weeks. they do that too. i love the rewards of their hunt. i hope you don't get any angry comments. i did last month when i posted a picture. the nerve.


I'm a widow...but it's not my hubby that's's my SOON-TO-BE hubby:) I'm going to work tomorrow and go DRESS SHOPPING on Sunday with the girls...then be up north Monday and work in TH Tuesday:)


ugh, I hate deer hunting season. Ours starts the 22nd. J will be gone over a week. I is a huge PITA with work. Other than that there's nothing like a venni hot stick.


How long is deer hunting season up there?
Good Luck Matt!
Have a good weekend Jenny :)


Yep I am a widow as well.....I have a post about that too! I plan on going out on Saturday evening for a nice dinner with the "girls" and it should be a great time. Have a good weekend and Good Luck Matt, go get the thirty pointer!!

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