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LeeAnn Howard

they look really great!! Ive never had a pedicure before! thats a huge bummer about the polish though, maybe you could put a clear coat over top to shine it up again, i know it prolly wont take out the texture of the carpet, but they would shine again.


bummer! i've never had a pedicure... i'd go if i got a gift cert though. cute toes - you have nice feet ;)

Denise H.

They look so PRetty! IT makes me want to get a pedicure.

That sucks that they got carpet burns though. I doubt anyone but you will notice.


I hate when you have perfection in a pedicure and then you live your life. Freaking pedicures should have an indestructible sealant on them.

Jamie Sampson

they look great. I love little things like that, that just make you feel extra special and pretty.

Uggg... carpet stuff, try adding a clear top coat, it doesn't totally fix it but makes it much better.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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