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jenny's mom, tucker's gram

my christmas tradition is to take, we call them the santa hat pictures. we usually take them around thanks giving and then i sent them out in my christmas cards, i have been doing this for at least the last 16 years, i love doing it and i don't care what the kids think, they are pretty use to it and now i get to include my grandson and the grand dog (s) coz now i have two, oakley and bazel. they are adorale. so as far as traditions go that is about the only one i have stood by, i also like to make hand made gifts for everyone if i have time.


No tricks, but something I started last year that took a load off of my shoulders--I send New Years' cards now instead of Christmas cards. Last year when I realized I just wasn't going to get a nice picture of Gage in his "Christmas outfit" before the actual holiday, I said "Screw it" and just took a bunch on Xmas Eve and Day. I even got a nice pic of the 3 of us on Xmas eve. Then, the few days AFTER Xmas, I put it all together on Shutterfly--they had a great special running yet--and they were there in a couple of days. When the hustle and bustle of the 2-3 days were over, I sat down and addressed and put notes on all of the cards that now said "Happy New Year" instead of "Merry Christmas". I received a lot of compliments from people that said it was nice to still receive cards AFTER the actual Xmas holiday...and I can't tell you how much that took off of my stress list!


Trav and get our "family" picture taken every year for our anniversary and we use that to send out with our x-mas cards every year. We also keep a folder of addresses in label format, so we can just print them out on label paper, stick them on and send out the cards. it has been working well for the last few years.

Jamie Sampson

I love this idea. I wish I had something to offer. In the past I have so not been a holiday person, what a christmas tree? Are you kidding me? I am hoping to have some holiday cheer this year and maybe if I keep it simple through your tips it will go well. :)

LeeAnn Howard

I too have no tricks. I always try to buy early, but I seem to be the one still buying the week of Christmas! Maybe I should try a list this year instead of buying on a whim.


I love to bake Christmas cookies to give to friends and neighbors for a little gift. However, there's only so many hours in a day so I start my baking in November and put them in our freezer. As of today, I've already baked 3 different kinds.


I'm typically rather grinchy about the holidays- they've never really floated my boat. HOWEVER, this year I'm actually looking forward to all the holiday hubbub because I know my little man is going to LOVE all of it, and I'm so excited to see it through his eyes. I was just talking about this same topic with someone, and her sage advice was "go into the holidays with zero expectations, and then there's no way you'll be disappointed." Ho ho ho, there ya go!

Leslie Collins

I am going to try to finish being done shopping early this year. As for de-stressing the holidays, if anyone gives some good advice pass it on!!!! hahaha. I have nothing. :)


also - love it. it keeps track of gifts from years past (so i can remember what i got, how much i spent, etc) and holds my list for this year. you can check off when you've bought it and when it's in hand, mark people finished, etc. super nice.


i like to get my shopping done as soon as possible (like, before thanksgiving) and anything i don't buy before then i like to buy on the day after thanksgiving - but online only!


I'm in denial of the holidays. What holidays??

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