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the jumping shot is nothing short of fabulous. and realizing that high schoolers that graduated this year were born in 1990 scares the crap out of me.

Jen R.

Cute pictures! I saw you from the mom group on 20sb. Cute blog!

Dana Leigh

Great pics!


I so wish you lived by me so you could take pictures for us...
any chance you're driving to the cities anytime soon? We live fairly close.


Jamie Sampson

love these! How fun to do multiple seniors! Isn't it strange that we aren't 18 anymore? I feel so weird being an adult and making adult decisions and doing adult things when I still feel like a kid! But I do like that I feel so much wiser, strange thing to say but true for me! :)


fun to see shots of my cous, i can't believe he is a senior! did you only do group ones or did you do individual as well?


i love the shots... why couldn't we have done that when we were in high school?!?


fun shots.

you said you would take before/after pics of the hallway! :( you must have gotten caught up in the excitement of getting it started!


Great pics!!! I totally think that you should post the video...for those of us that would have been there if we could have been (me) to see it!!! He won't disown you, he loves you.


That jumping shot is way cool.

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