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resolutions... yeah about those... I am SO about aiming low!.. and hopefully comming out on top.. we will see.. I should probally start thinking of a few:).. I like how you are going with the instructions on life from ehow:)

jenny's mom / tucker's gram

yo momma wants to loose 10 pounds, HAA,won't that be fun, i haven't made a resoulution in along time so we'll see how it goes, hey i love the new headder and love the hat his gram and gramp got him for xmas, he looks adorable in it, i'm beginning to miss him again......


i have a long list...
and aiming low has a good ring to it!

what helps me is "accountability"

congrats on your job too!


I think I will be doing this too. Aiming low. real real low.


I am loving your new blog look. Tucker is so cute! One of my resolutions is to blog more faithfully and read my favorite blogs - I miss you guys! Now that the winter has set in, I can't wait to catch up. I have made so many friends including you!

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