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Dana Leigh

I'm so glad you did that! I did too just a week or so ago. I blogged about it too. :) I've been bad at comments for you lately and I have lots of reading material for you in reader so I'll have to catch up soon!

Jamie Sampson

you are funny! I love this post and like you alot! :)


Way to be thinking of others this season! I got a good laugh too. Hope all is well.

Kristi S

Good for you! I haven't donated in 10 years but I have given 10-12 pints in my lifetime


SWEETNESS!!! You look great!!! I really don't like donating blood, but I do it when I can...I keep trying to, but I keep getting inked lol.


Good for you! And yay for crossing things off the list!


Good for You Jenny! I think that is a great thing to do.

LeeAnn Howard

Good for You. I always get lightheaded after they draw blood for labs and poke me 4-5 times to even find a vessel! Not sure how i could handle giving blood.


a great thing to do jen, i think i would also do it if i had time...........


Good on you! I should really donate again.

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