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cute pics as always! ava is kissing the screen! she loves him!


I'm like you, I'm kind of a spaz about matching, but really, who cares? Nobody else I"m sure! Love the pics and the new banner is great, although I like the last one you had up for like a day!


found you a hat/gloves's reversible....super cute! i bought it for you from target! i will take pics after i feed emily and email them to you....there is even a machine on the hat!


very cute photos!
i think the hat looks great...i didn't even notice until you said something! and i'm not usually like that.

so jealous of your snow! i'm in GA and some people freak out at just the mention of the word!


LOVE the new banner!.. he is so cute.. you motivate me to go out and take some cute pictues....


He is too cute!!! I love the new banner as well!! Hope you are have a great new year's day!


cute pics jen... check out this hat on ebay...


so jealous of your snow. we are still waiting for ours and a chance to play in some! have you considered a crochet/knit hat. may be able to find some on or find a local that would let you pick your yarn. maybe have them line it with fleece so it's extra warm!


Love the new header! Brett is the same...his coat is orange and camo and he will wear nothing but a red hat or a yellow spongebob hat. boys will be boys. happy new year!

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