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jenny's mom / tucker's gram

keep up the good work honey, i know you will have success!! it's nice to have more energy, yeaaaaaaaa!!
love ya kiddo!


you should be posting pics!!


Leslie Collins

the veggies look good!!! way to go on 6.5 pounds.

Kristi S

Keep it up Jenny!


Congrats Jenny! Good for you on your weight loss. I am still working on the last 8 pounds from having Clayton. The key for me is to cut out sugar (very hard) and to exercise more (no problem). If I do that hopefully the last 8 will be gone in no time.


Yay Jen! Keep up the good work!!
Those veggies do look really good...


yay...jen i'm so happy for you...this is GREAT!!! I wish I had the willpower to do this:(

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