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You could send Tucker to preschool with his Auntie Tina a few times a week next year?! Just a thought...


I used to bite my brother when I was a kid. I don't remember what my parents did to make me stop, but I know my cousin also did it and it seems to be that a lot of kids do it. Sorry I'm not much help :(


Bribery! My little dude got potty trained last weekend. We put up three post-it notes on his door (numbered) and when he pooped in the potty, we took one down. When they were all down off the door he got to get his beloved PIRATE SHIP. He's been wanting one so badly.
But it only will work if he's absolutely passionate about something (like Louie is about Pirates!). Good luck!


I actually think you post on Tucker a lot! I always forget to do updates, and then when I think of doing them, there is just too much so I don't. Man, I suck! I love hearing what they are doing at diff. ages.

Bianca has a temper too. Lately it's been getting really bad so I told her every time she throws a fit about something she gets a timeout. It is actually enough to get her to stop. Go figure! I'm sure there is something to stop the fit from getting to the biting stage, you just have to figure out what it is for Tucker.

As for poop, well Annika was really hard to train on that too. It eventually just came but our dr said to put her on the potty after every meal, or about 10 minutes after. What goes in, has to come out! You could also do special potty presents for when he does #2 on the potty. Good luck with that! I have no real advice because I think it's 100% up to the kid. Annika was impossible and came around when she wanted to and Bianca potty trained herself. Gotta love that!

Ok, enough of this novel now!

LeeAnn Howard

Loved reading your bulleted Tucker post. What month was he born in?


I need to start posting more on Reyna...They grow so fast and I don't want to remember little details.

It sounds like you have such a fun little guy! :)


I'm interested in hearing everything you learn about getting a kid to poop in the toilet!

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