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VERY nice picture of the 3 of you. You rarely put pics up of yourself, much less all of you, so this was really nice.

You look great in that dress!

Dana Leigh

Cute pic. That is some bruise!


Beautiful! What a special day!

jen's mom / Tucker's Gram

Wish I could have been in the Limo to save Tucker's day! I have a way with getting him to forget about being in a bad mood. Oh well, all ended well with a happy ending to the evening! It was a great evening had by all!!

LeeAnn Howard

great looking family there!! :)


awesome photo! glad to see YOU in it!


what a cute family! {i too bruise easily...went to a GNC store and they suggested I take vitamins K and C...especially K. it has done wonders! not sure why but maybe it would work for you too!}

Kristi S

Super cute!



hope to see you this weekend.


cute picture! You all look beautiful.

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