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jenny's mom/tucker's gram

love his hair cut, i can't wait to have him on sunday!!!! he looks more grown up every time he gets it cut!

Jamie Sampson

honestly, sometimes a kid just needs bandaids. :) Love his hair, I have to agree he is cute no matter what.


Yes! We totally have band-aid obsession in our house too. And ours are also Sponge-Bob. Invisible owies as well as real ones. Once, Ethan bit his tongue and told me he needed a band-aid on it...sorry, gotta tough this one out.

Cute haircut!!


What a doll with his new do! And yes my girls want bandaids on EVERYTHING! scratches owies that you cant even see.


At least your kid has injuries to cover w/bandaids. My child just wants to wear them where he "thinks" there's an owie. ;)
He's adorable!


He's got some killer eyes! So handsome :)
And to answer your question, YES, I have a totally bandaid obsessed kid too. He needs them for EVERYTHING! Even things you can't see!(at least Tucker likes the sponge bob ones. my guys likes the dora ones.....doh!)


Those eyes! I love his eyes - and his oh, so serious expression. And I feel the same way about haircuts.


He looks like he is a year older!!!


the last time i cut his hair was the end of may. in two months he tends to get pretty shaggy! :)


How often do you get Tucker's hair cut? I feel like Ryan's hair needs cutting like every 6 weeks!! Was wondering if he has abnormally fast hair growth or what:) cute pictures!

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