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just to clarify: i'm not expecting. :)


sounds like you could use some aromatherapy...lavender seriously helps you relax and fall asleep. i'm thinkin BBW lavender chamomile pillow mist here.

i will totally hit up your sale, just let me know when.

and are you expecting? i know you've been not feeling well lately?? :)


You have a lot going on! I hope the photography thing really takes off for you (as it seems to have done for so many of our blogging friends!) I hope that things start to fall-in-line soon for you . . . are you a list-maker? I know that always seems to help me. As far as the rumage sale . . . would it be easier to donate to charity/sell to a consignment shop/put on Craigslist?

(And list the pros and cons - it helps to get it out and to see what others have to think!)

(And what is it with insomnia lately?! Same problem here.)

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