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jenny's mom/tucker's gram

hi, just to let you know i am reading and enjoying what i read. can't wait to come up on saturday. even if it is just for the day. love you. mom


Yeah for all the good/productive going on in your life RIGHT NOW! I am glad that Tucker is liking his new daycare, and hope that the rumage sale nets enough to offset the electronic set-backs!


Blog's so hard to keep up with everyday life!
As for the computer, by compatible, are you talking about when you upgrade to your 5D MII? No clue what what's all about, but I know a couple people that have had problems...I'm sure everyone will suggest a MAC, but when I upgraded my computer, I just couldn't justify a MAC at this point...I couldn't afford the photoshop switch and all the other stuff that I use constantly. So, we got a Dell. All I can say, get one with a kick ass video card in it, if you have visions of going with CS4, you need the biggest and best to run it...
There was an articl in the Pioneer Press about the new windows vs. snow leopard. Check it out....I'm not a fan of Vista.
Good luck with the rummage sale on Saturday!


You sound like me with electronics. Last month I had to replace my blackberry due to the human tornado (bennett), just last week he slid our Mac off the counter and busted the LCD. I'm afraid to know what that's going to set us back. I'm just waiting for my camera to die on me. It could be a good thing I guess, I've got my eye on that new 7D, or perhaps the 50D at a reduced price!

I've thought about a blog comeback too, it seems like too much work though :)


"making a blog comeback soon..."
Amen, sister!
I'm with you on that one. I can't believe how the last couple of months have gotten away from me!!

Can't wait to read more regularly about the life you've got going on. AS IT HAPPENS. :)

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