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We didn't do the first trimester screening this time either-I thought it was a waste of time-I did miss the ultrasound though. Don't get your hopes up about the heartbeat, Bryce had a "girl's" heartbeat the whole time.

jenny's mom/tucker's gram

i love the picture, someday by the looks of things Tucker's Uncle Dustin is going to make a Great Dad. I hope I don't have to hold my breath too much longer, i may just pass out. not a good thing.
hope little Tucker Bug is feeling better. Was glad I got to go to his appointment with you. I loved it when he gave me a hug in the doctors office after getting off the table, and said "I wove you Gram", i just love this little guy.
Keep up the girl heart beat thing, i'm with Tucker on that one!


LOVE this picture. I have now saved it as my desktop background!


Yeah for a great heartbeat! We did none of the 12-week screenings (though it was primarily because they were not covered by insurance.)

I hope Tucker is on the mend soon and that he has a good day with his Ash-eee.

And the picture? PRICELESS! Fake sleeping or not.


What a sweet picture!


I opted out of screenings for both of my doctor for my second time was old school and LOVED that I choose not to do them. I'm old, so I'd get the bad results either way...the only thing I really cared about was hearing a heart beat at every appointment!
I hope you're feeling better and that Tucker is feeling better soon!


I'm glad you're doing the progesterone, I always felt better knowing I was doing SOMETHING to help the baby stay in there longer. It is a pain in the ass though (literally).

I opted out of the screenings, I don't think it is wrong at all.

Who is your doctor? I'm nosy :)

Tucker fake sleeping is hilarious!


I love fake sleeping. So great and a girl heart beat made me do that girly squeal thing.

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