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What the heck? If it's just something for free, you get 20+ comments! But b/c we have to buy something....there are only TWO of us so far????

You keep this contest running until you get at least 10 people to buy a shirt or jar! Mar and Leah are working HARD for this and these items are for a GREAT CAUSE! Come on people....
every one of us will most likely be affected by breast cancer or another type of cancer in our lifetime (not necessarily you personally, but someone you may know!)

That is just my two cents:) I'm just trying to be motivating!


am i too late to enter this? sorry, i'm kind of behind the times... and i know i have an email to return to you too! :)

but i'll see you in a week and i'm looking forward to it! love ya!


Wow, Jenny, this is so nice of you!!!!
Thank you for doing this for me - I really appreciate it.


Here is my comment, and I have already purchased 4 shirts (one for me, three for gifts) and I have 4 cookie jars on the way! (One for me, 3 for gifts).

Marilyn and Leah are close friends of mine, and I plan to support them in as many ways as I can.

And I would LOVE the cookbook for free!!!

Thanks for doing this; you ROCK!

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