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LeeAnn Howard

I love so many things about your blog. Your pictures, your bullets, your realness. I've never met you in person, but feel I can totally hear you talking and get your tone through your blogging. Thats good blogging! I would like to know more about your jobs. I dont recall hearing much about what you two do. :)


i like to read your blog because you stay you. does that make sense? you are jenny in your typing. you make me laugh, you have good ideas and emily likes to look at tucka. i love looking at your pictures, they are always so great :)


What do I like about your blog?? Hmm that's a good question...HAHA j/k... I like your pictures and you make me laugh. That's two things that make up a great blog.


i love staying connected with you and SB and hearing all of your great stories.
we go way back (what grade do you think that was in art class?).


I'm really interested in the baby name :) did someone else say that already?

and I just love reading because I can hear your voice in my head. almost like we're sitting at blackwoods catching up. :) which, we should do one of these months. miss you in person!

jenny's mom/tucker's gram

because i wasn't around 100% of the time as you were growing up, your blog has let me get to know you. it shows me sides of you i have never seen before. also because my job takes me far, far away for long periods of time, it keeps me informed on what you and most of all tucker bug is up to. it has been a link to your life that is so needed in my life. i so enjoy each and every post. i love you honey and hope you are feeling alot better!
love ya,


I like your sense of humor and your writing.


Love the pictures! You do awesome work! How about how you learned photoshop? Classes or books? I'm not patient enough to sit down and read about I'm looking for a good online class. And what version of Photoshop do you use? Do you use many actions?


Haha- I'm laughing at all the people who like hearing your 'up north' accent in videos! So my question is about living 'up north.' Do you ever leave the Northland? If you don't, why not? And if you do, do you like it??


I enjoy reading about your every day normalness. The way you write makes you so relatable and likeable (like Amber said). I like your bullet posts too.

Questions. Hmmmm. How's the 5D? How crazy hard was it to start your business? What steps did you take before you actually went for it? If your doctor is 60 miles away, are you really out "in the sticks" (rural)? What about growing up: farm/country girl? city gal? suburbanite? Favorite color? Maybe you've already answered that?? Are you feeling better? Maybe a list of all your faves (music, tv, movie, clothes, date). Does that help with post ideas?? :)


I love reading everything! You make me laugh and always have a funny story to tell. LOVE your pictures of course!!

My questions How is the 5D?? Where do you find inspiration when taking photo's?? and who is your #1 photographer that you admire??


amber's comment totally made me chuckle! the videos, to listen to the (northern) Minnesota accents, don't cha know?
I'm just enjoying reading your randomness...I had every intention of following your lead and blogging everyday, but that went to hell in a ham basket when I got too busy at work and have been here at 6:15 am and leaving at 7pm.
my question, up in Silver Bay, how far to the nearest Target? you said your OB Dr. is 60 miles away? do you go to Duluth to the Dr? hmmmm, I think of Duluth and then want to go to the Anchor Bar in Superior for a burger...dangit! it's only 8am!


obviously i was originally attracted to your awesome photos...but i too love how i can relate to you. {or at least in my mind it's that way} i love your tell it how it is attitude. the great tucker tales - because he is just about my daughters age and doing similar things. all time fav is when you post videos and i can listen to your accents. pretty lame...but i think it's cool.

questions. hmmm. how is that 5D treating you? names for baby #2? the lowdown on that online natural lighting class you took. who is your all time favorite blogger? photographer? that's probably enough from me. :)


I like alot about your blog. I like your picutes yes, but also your rants! They crack me up. You say things I am thinking, but haven't had the strength to write. Also it makes you so normal. You get some of these blogs out there and get fake posts, you know they can't be like that. You are down to earth! I just enjoy your blog.


I like hearing about Tucker. He sounds so much like mine in his actions, interests and comments! I like seeing pics of your adorable sis Natalie, too!

Anne W

I like it when you talk about whats going on around the bay....makes me not miss it so much.

and all of your cute ideas and decorating touches (in the photos of you and the boys around your house) i like to see that. inspires me to hang up some of the pictures that have been floating around here for a while!

and i'll agree too - your one liners crack me up!


my favorite posts are when you have a little rant- you usually have some type of funny one liner (or more) in there and it makes me laugh. Maybe it's because I know you and I can imagine you saying it- but somehow you can write about something and add some qwirk that makes me smile...

Case in point, #5 from your 10 Random Things Post:
did i mention i feel like death warmed over? yeah? oh, okay. just checking.


I like the Tuckerisms. I also love your photos.


I am a total busy-body who loves reading about all things YOU. Seriously . . . I love learning more about the people whose blogs I read. Funny stories from childhood, how you met your husband, what your wedding was like, where you honeymooned, Tucker's birth and first few weeks . . . I'll read it all!


Hm, I don't know. Let me sleep on it and get back to you tomorrow:)


Speaking of Christmas...I wanna know what's on your wish list this year! :-)


I just love it all. You are a funny gal who takes fab photos!

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