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We're coming to Duluth, having t-giving dinner at my parents', and staying a few days. My HUSBAND is making the pies (he rules!) I think if I ever had to host something major like a Thanksgiving dinner I'd freak the freak out. I doubt I'll be doing any shopping on Black Friday. Gave that up a few years ago:)

jenny's mom/tucker's gram

you just crack me up daughter, please don't let your unborn child sprout wings or anything, lol.
we spend our thanksgiving with "gramma weezie" (my mom) she is one of the best cooks in the world and a pretty good "Fudge Maker" too. (right jen?)
we have gone to my step neices house in the past, but really enjoy spending time with my kids and tucker at my moms.
i don't get to spend too much "Quality Time" with my kids these days, so these times that we do get together are "Very Special" to me.
Happy Thanksgiving to all jenny's "Stickyfeathers" friends!


We have Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws. I am so lucky that my m-i-l makes EVERYTHING and refuses to let her kids and myself make anything, unless it's something little. Like this year, she asked if we could bring cheese and crackers. She totally enjoys making tons of food and loves having her family close.

My faves are: a little turkey, dipped in stuffing with mashed potatoes & gravy, then rolled in corn...all in one bite. I know, I know, I AM weird and I'm okay with that. :)

Shopping on Friday? I tried it once last year. I got up early (not on purpose, just happened to wake up). So I headed to Best Buy and waited in line outside the building from 3am until 6am...all for nothing. They passed out vouchers for the biggest deals and since I was towards the end of the line, I didn't get one. Apparently, the folks in the front got there Thanksgiving Day afternoon! Instead, I do the Black Friday shopping online.


thanksgiving day is the only day out of the year that my mom's family (siblings and offspring) get we will be going to see that side of the family(40+). fortunately we won't be driving far this grandma moved to an assisted living place here in town and we're just using the fellowship hall at our church so we'll have enough room for everyone.

favorite thing on the table: mashed potatoes, noodles, corn and dressing. it has to be all of these items because you can't have one without the other. :)

shopping: NO NO NO NO NO. i do not have the patience for it. i hope to make dan drag out the christmas decorations that day!


I'm hosting this year and there will be 12 of us - mix of Mike's family and mine. My fave is stuffing.
Yes - shopping on Fri. Last year was my first experience and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.


Joleen and Logan are having Taco's at their wedding so that will be a good change for you :) Except if your like me at the moment... that just means a worse case of pregnancy heartburn Saturday night :)

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