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I am thankful for all that is around incredible family, amazing friends, a great job, and all the random things that make people happy.


On my list this year I am hoping that the man I have been dating for 3yrs now proposes some kind of committment. Not necessarily getting a ring just a promise. You see I was married for a very long time and my ex left me for someone else 8yrs ago, it has been a very long hall but I am making it quite well and I have this wonderful guy in my life and I hope he will be the one to stay forever, even though I know that is not always a reality but it is A WISH, so Santa I hope you hear me. Thanks, What a great contest. One other wish I have that is small yet big, I wish my daughter who is mixed up in her life will find the health and happiness she needs for herself.


seems like such a simple question...but i've been so busy buying/doing for others...i haven't thought about what I want for Christmas!

how about a peaceful day...with happy kids...and naps (for me)...and no bouts of random nausea!


My Christmas wish is for John Mayer to be in love with me?

(Do you make dreams come true?)


My wish would be that all of the wishes listed here come true. My entire family along with all of our friends would have everlasting good health along with world peace and for all.

Linda Manes

Heard about this through the grapevine...this is an amazing thing to do!!! My wish is for safe travel for families and a healthy, Happy New Year!! Good luck Marilyn!!


I wish for sturdy, warm socks for Christmas.

Dana Leigh

I wish for good health and a deep fryer. Is that an oxymoron? :)


I wish for a cure for cancer!
Oh, and a little snow would be nice too!


I wish for all my family to have a healthy New Year.


All that is on my wish list this year is for my lil girl to be a better sleeper and to learn to like to ride in the car!!!! Other than that we just got our christmas present today!!! Can't wait til this damn bed "unthaws" so I can enjoy it!!!


My first wish is for our loved ones to have good health. My next wish is for all of the families having hard times due to plants closing in the area to keep thier faith in God strong and trust that He will provide.


I wish a cure for cancer could be found, not only breast cancer but all cancers as it is a disease that causes so much pain. Thanks for doing this.

Dana White

A cure for cancer

Shelly Brassington

My wish is that leah and marilyn make it through their walk in august without a single blister!

Marylyn Husby

My Christmas wish is for everyone in my family to be Happy and Healthy 2010.

Heather's Aunt Mouse

Linda L Peterson

I wish my sister Mary would go to Terry's cousins Christmas party and see Maggie, her children, and all the cousins. Please go Mary! xoxoxo LLP

Beth Z

Green Bay Who?? Did they put a packaging plant there?? Congratulations Nate & Asheleigh on your future arrival and Merry Christmas to the entire Husby/Cody/Middlestadt Clans. Way to be there for others Leah and Margaret. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Mark Husby

All I ask for is the Green Bay Packers to beat the Vikings and win the Super Bowl. I figure this will go a long way towards acheiving world peace - Heather.


I would like socks to keep my feet warm. The holes just aren't doing it for me. Good luck with the walk! Heather's sister-in-law - Denise

Linda L Peterson

I wish a peaceful 2010 for the world, we have had too many years of unsettled conflicks. Linda L. Peterson

Denise M Krebsbach

Four years ago in December my children, who are adults, lost there dad ( my x husband ) to mental illness. After the funeral which was December 13, we all made a pack that we would not exchange presents any more at Christmas, but to remember that the season is not about giving gifts to each other, for us our gift is having each other in our lives. If we are not able to get together at Christmas we talk on the phone.. we do this now at every Holiday, Birthday and anniversaries. So I wish for inner peace and happiness for all. Merry Christmas, Denise

Mary Williams

I wish for peace and health in my life for 2010,


I'd like a new pair of snowpants so that I can keep up with my kids in the snow!


I would like a new Wedding Ring,,, due to the fact that I think I threw mine away. I cannot seem to find it, and think the last time I wore it I didn't want to go upstair's to put it properly away, so I stuck it in between the couch cushion's, and forgot it was there, and then a week later we got a new couch and threw the old one(with the ring) away. Woop's... hehehe.

Sue Berke

I would like a nice sweater since I am wearing the same old ones.

Sue Berke

I wish for family togetherness when it is a difficult time of year.

Ashleigh Cody

I'm praying for a healthy baby in 2010.


I would love inner peace and my family to love one another. So many trials and tribulations that are not neccesary. That's all.

Trisha Stewart

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is a cure for AIDS; in which to save my daughter that is now 2 1/5 years and all the others out in the world that are infected.

A cure for Breast Cancer and all the types of Cancer. These are illness that have affected my family in many ways.

For there to be a way that a cure can be found to stop the spread of the illnessess.
I wish good health to everyone near and far!

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