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Dear Santa,
I wish:
-for the health of my family.
-for a healty son on Feb 10th.
-that I could get all the projects around house completed before Feb 10th.
-that my christmas tree will not tip over again
-for 1-800-got-junk to show up at my house to clean.

How long can these posts be ..... :)

Carrie Kubes

I wish for my whole family to be safe and healthy and for my dad to find a job.


Wow, look at all the comments. I think everyone wants to see you throw in a dollar for every comment...jk!! There really isn't anything that I want, so I must be pretty content. My new camera finally came in the mail though. It's awesome!

Sara Luther Hagerman

I would like my sweet 2 year old to sleep soundly for an entire night - so mom and dad can get a good night's sleep too! Santa - can you make that happen?


I am sending special christmas blessings to my children, Mark and Carin, who are together in Santiago, Chile. We are very blessed to have our daughter Abby with us on Christmas. Sending best wishes to Marilyn and Leah.


Merry Christmas Heather bee! It is this time of year when I fondly remember an angelic voice singing "Suzie Snowflake". It was nice to think of you again Heather. Your friend Mark from Sparta


My Christmas wish for my family in the upcoming year is to add a new member (human, rather than puppy)!


I wish to be happy with what I have for once- gifts are great- sometimes its nice to appreciate what you have.

Ann Mittlestadt

I would like all of our family and friends to be cured forever of cancer and just to let Berit know that she will Never be off of Santa's Naughty list! Heather's Aunt Ann

jenny's mom/tucker's gram

spending time with my family is important to me at christmas. getting to enjoy little tucker bug and to see the excitement as he gets to open his gifts. and just being able to enjoy the day without having to "WORK" will be pure pleasure for me. also getting a chance to win a cookbook will be fun too!

amy dearborn

a newborn baby that doesn't cry whenever she is awake!


All I want for Christmas is to figure out who are Leah and Margaret? Whoever, they are; good luck to them on their adventure


I actually have the PW cookbook on my list so I will go with a Wii.
Go Mar and Leah!


I don't really need anything. I would like everyone to think about what they would do if this were their last Christmas and reflect on what is truly important in their lives. And then act on it! Let your family know how much you treasure them. Be kind to strangers that you meet...

Margaret Rollay

Hoping Christmas brings all many happy memories and good things to come. By the way I am aunt Marge!

Cindy Cespedes

Just want to be with my whole family - so glad everyone will be here from far away! AND I want a hula hoop!

Kudos to Marilyn and Leah for taking on this challenge!

Heather's Aunt Bette

For Christmas, I want to children have a good job, a peaceful world, and someone to clean my house. Heather's Aunt Bette


"All I want for Christmas is my two...." well, since I still(!)have all my teeth, I guess my quest would be peace. Biblically speaking we will not achieve world peace, but we should be working on our inner peace and contentment. We can control our attitudes! Breathe, breathe... it takes fortitude, I have to continually remind myself, but peace is worth the effort!

Nicki Quarne

I wish for a healthy holiday season and gatherings with family.


All I want for Christmas is a healthy family!


I wish, just for one day, people would stop and take count of the many blessings in their lives.


Hm, I'd like a day to myself alone in my house. With no meals to plan or messes to clean up or bedtimes to cover. :)


I really should comment more often cosidering i read your blog often:).. anyway well that cookbook was on my list so does that count?


Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like to have my name taken off the naughty list. And if you have any spare flying reindeer, the snow is way too deep for my car! :)


to learn to see the cup as half full, to own my own piece of dirt near Prey MT for my golden years, reconnect with a lost friend,a cure for breast CA and in the words of Gracie Hart - "world peace" for Heather


I would love for my siblings, my parents, me and the ones we love to be together.


World peace. And a snickers bar. (And maybe some long underwear if it keeps being this cold!)

P.S. I WILL tell Aunt Marge.


I want time for Christmas, time to be with family and friends and time to just enjoy life. Merry Christmas All!


I'd love an ipod touch or an iphone....either will do!


hahahaha to be honest, I really just want that movie George of the Jungle, and for my dad to get better. =]

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