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Hey! Just catching up on you...
I had progesterone shots when I was pregnant with my twins starting at 18 weeks...since I'd gone into labor at 31 weeks with Ethan and delivered at 32. I remember the first burn of that shot, but it does get better. Just make sure he gets it in the right spot...some spots on the hip/butt hurt worse than others...maybe try marking it each month and figure out which works best.

Hope you had a great Holiday!! I just sent that formula coupon to you a day or so ago, sorry for the know how the Season is! It has my name on it, but that shouldn't matter.


ouch, ouch, ouch. reminds me of the four shots i got all at once in my back when i had back labor. DO NOT ENVY YOU. and i'm pretty sure about 37 lbs in a month has been my reality (and that's just in my face), so count your blessings on the weight gain! cheers to a nice, long (well long ENOUGH) healthy pregnancy and looking forward to finding out PINK or BLUE!


the shots will get better, once there's a bunch of scar tissue built up in there you'll hardly feel it :)

congrats on everything, jen, can't wait to hear girl or boy!


Yeah for a great appointment and boo for the shot hurting so bad! Is is PIO? I had oil-based anti-nausea shots when I was pregnant with Cooper and cried every time hubby had to give me one because they hurt so bad. You already have leverage against this little one when s/he gets older!


glad everything is going so well thus far... anxious to hear if tucker's insistence proves right! all the best to you jen!!


That's interesting about the shot preventing pre-term labor...wish it would have been an option for me 5 years ago!!! I went into pre-term labor with Elli at 28 weeks and I too would have done anything to prevent sucked being on bedrest for 9 weeks with a 2 year old running around!! Glad they have some new options for women and I hope it works for you!!! Good luck Jen:) Take care and God Bless


A shot every week? By your dad? In the arse?? OMG, that sounds awful!!! Your dad's a champ!! I'll have to have two shots of Rhogam in the backside again this pregnancy, and that's for surely enough shots for me!! Enjoy the holidays!




Here's to keeping that bun in the oven until it is d-u-n!! Sorry you have to have a big old shot though....

susan weinroth

ooooooooooooh, so sorry about the shot hurting - it sounds like it is for the best though!
and yay for finding out... i need to live vicariously though others ;)

oh and ps - did you really need to mention that you only gained ONE lb so far!?!?!? (um, jealous.)

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