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Leslie Collins

I don't soak dirty dishes, either! ick. :) i like clean water, too.


I'm the same way with washing dishes. It makes me feel guilty because I'm wasting water but dirty dishwater is just SO. GROSS! Plus, it smells funny...


you sound pretty NORMAL to me!

i can totally agree with you on the dishes thing and most any leftover is absolutely disgusting, especially meat...ick!

as for the good can hope!

happy new year!


i love the chip story. makes me laugh.

i won't eat leftover meat either. BARF.


haha - i am cracking up that you can't deal with 'chip lines' in your top the tater!! hahaha. love it. :)

i also hate washing dishes in icky water. i'd rather just run the water the whole time and not fill the sink at all. except for bottles, i like to wash those and put them in hot soapy water, but they don't have any food in them. :) tom can't STAND when i let water run, i'm like dude, do you know where we live? the land of 10,000 lakes. i'm sorry if it's wasteful but i highly doubt 5 minutes of running water is going to be the end of us.

i am with you on having 'good' quirks. :) oh how i wish i was one of those anally clean people.


I am completely the same about the leftovers.. ugh.. especially leftover chicken. I open that lid and i could just gag.
Truly enjoy reading your blog.

funny! I so do the handwriting thing too! I like to have everything straight and neat and if it bothers me I have to change it (example if there is a stack of papers they have to be neatly stacked)


Quirks...hmmm...I do have the handwriting one, but maybe not as bad as you because I don't do it on everything that I write on. I NEED to floss every night, no matter the time I go to bed. Is that a quirk? Or just a habit? I don't like leftover meat unless mixed with something, like sloppy joes.


I am SO with you on the leftovers! I DO NOT eat leftover meat - I can't stand it. I am a perfectionist when it comes to paperwork and writing as well. As for some of mine? All I will say is that there is a fine line between 'quirky' and OCD.


ok, we are EXACTLY the same on ALL counts you just listed. :D

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