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It is so sad to hear stories like this. I'm sorry, but I know that when I was young, there is NO WAY you could get me out of the house in the middle of the night to go anywhere, never mind sleep in a van!

It's not a shock that he went ahead and lawyered up, but if he's innocent, you would think that he (or his lawyer) would have issued an official statement by now. SOMETHING to make him look better than he does now!

I get so frustrated with this kind of stuff... Especially when things look so obvious, but the police seem to be oblivious! Seriously???

Ugh.. I really hope that the case is solved quickly so those children don't have to be dragged through Hell any more than they have to be.


i agree and like your theory, i also like how he immediately wouldn't talk but got an attorney. suspicious much?


i'm behind on my blog just read this post! so glad you addressed this because i have been thinking the same thing!!

his "interview" with a tv reporter was sooo crazy. "um...i don't know when we was probably after 9" who in their right mind leaves to go camping after 9pm with 2 little ones? and sleeps in their vehicle? craziness. THAT IS NOT CAMPING!

the truth will come out eventually...just feel so bad for those kids!


is it bad that i always give them the beneit of a doubt? i'm always wrong. i even gave OJ the BOD.


Pretty sure the cops have come to the same conclusion. So so sad!

LeeAnn Howard

You've got me caught up in this mess now, thankyouverymuch. LOL! I totally agree with you on this.. Sounds very similar to all the other husband kills wife stories we've seen. So sad that it really does have to happen. I feel horrible for those two little boys and hope that this doesnt hurt them for life. They right at that age where this could really do some harm. And his alibi stinks btw. Seriously? He couldn't come up with something better than camping in a snowstorm at midnight!?!? You really are scum Josh Powell!

Kristi S

I ahte to say it, but I think you're right. It is almost always the husband!!


so, he left his terribly sick wife home alone and took the kids to sleep in the van in the middle of the night? we do that all the time at our house...NOT! if she was sooo sick, why didn't he call home to check on her in the morning?
when they run the luminol tests in the house to determine blood spatter, that place will be lit up like a christmas tree under the black lighting.
so sad....poor kids. they are not naming him a suspect until there is more evidence. common (crazy) practice.....but the husband is definitely guilty!


Boy are you right on this one. It has to be the husband. Who goes on a camping trip with 2 young kids at 12:30 in the morning?

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