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LeeAnn Howard

Lukas was the exact same way, wanting a sister. He was actually bummed when we told him it was going to be a boy. But once we mentioned all the boy things they can do together, it was ok. And if you ask him now what he wants next, he will say another brother.... go figure! LOL!


I can't wait til you have "Baby C" and Tucker still calls him/her Moneymaker!!!! BA-HAHAHAHA!!!! Your lil guys kills me, you could make millions on a book with all the random stuff he has come up with!!! example:"You are ruining my life" or "I'm Getting sick of this"!!!! I love him!!! David says he thinks Uncle Dustin prob taught him this one!!! LOL!!


Too cute! Anna has decided that she is going to have a sister too. She calls it "her" baby. She has also decided that "she" shall be named "selfcare" or "sylvia". Crazy kid! We did not find out what we are having so I guess she will just have to wait til May!


My lil girl decided her favorite stuffed puppy's name should be...wait for it.... Balance Beam. Yep, I think we've done one too many sessions of gymnastics.

Leslie Collins

hahahahaha.....too flipping funny!

my guess is you are having a girl. :)


Apparently my brother wanted a little sister as well. My parents were worried he wouldn't be happy if they had a boy - so they told him that if it's a boy, he'll get bunkbeds in his room eventually. Then he wanted a baby brother ha!

Kids are adorable.


do you listen to hip hop? shake your moneymaker like somebody 'bout to pay ya... just saying maybe that's where he heard it! :)

susan weinroth

HILARIOUS. omg i am dyinggggggggggggg. please ask him what moneymaker's middle name should be?! ;)

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