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LeeAnn Howard

Im watching it again. always do. every season. just can resist. :)


i'm raising my hand HIGH! i get sucked into this EVERY season and i just said i wouldn't watch jake...because he's...jake

i'm with you on the girls, really liked tinley and a couple of others but that's about it!!

my DVR is set, this season is definitely a go!


I too have been sucked in AGAIN! It is a curse, why do we even start watching we know all the drama and craziness it includes!!! I second Tina's idea for bachelor nights!!! Sounds like a good time!!
As for the ladies this season, they seem to get crazier and crazier every year!!! I think that the producers told Jake he HAD to keep Michelle around as the pscyo chic just for ratings reasons, cuz honestly if someone told you they cried cuz they weren't getting time with you on the FIRST night wouldn't that be a huge red flag that this lady is going to be quite the little clinger~pscyo stalker!!!! I too like Tenley and Ali, as long as they don't turn evil on me I think these are his two best chances for a "normal" relationship!!! Looks like a nice DRAMA filled season though~I think Jake has a little bit of a short fuse that they never shared before~did you see in the previews when he walks out of the interview room and kicks the lights and slams the door open!! hahaha, guess he isn't "mr. perfect" like we all thought!!!


Ok, first of all... thanks for outting me on the bachelor night get-together's. But there's just fun little comments or jaw-dropping moments that I think would be fun to share with one-another... over a glass of wine and some goodies of course!
Second of all - I totally second your thoughts on Channy - I was embarrassed for her when she threw out the "you can land your plane on my landing strip anytime" garbage. wow.
Ella? - Is she the older, scarier looking lady? She reminds me of somebody, and I can't put a name on it yet. It'll come to me.
What's that one chicks name, the one that doesn't like other women at all? She has had nothing good to say about any of the other girls... She seems like she'll create some real drama this season.
Oh, and what is the teacher-chick's name? I'd like to put ten bucks down on that she won't have a job when she gets back from the bachelor. Not sure how we'd follow up on that, but it'd be a good bet anyway.
Not sure who I really like yet. I guess I'll just have to watch again next week...


raising my hand high- i'm always a sucker for this!


I can't bring myself to watch any of that trash TV, but have to say that I think you should give weekly updates! Your brief rundown of the show is pretty much all that I need to know....


Oh! another thing. Yes, Jen you are not alone! Disgusting isn't it??


so far I like Ali and Elizabeth from Neb. I think I like Ali more at this point because she's not going out of her way to get his attention and doesn't seem fake. But its too early in the show to really tell. I am disgsuted at myself for getting sucked into this. I really honestly hate this show. But its turning into a love/hate relationship...all because I like Jake! So sick....

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