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As for the artwork I have heard a couple different things I have totes for each kid (by the time they all graduate i will have a garage for each) but my intentions are good. One of the things I have heard is to take pictures of the artwork pic on of your favorite to actually keep and make a collage of the others than take a pic, the pic will take up less space than a full size or oversized piece of paper and then you have all of it but in a less cluttered way. Another thing that I have seen and heard about is turning all his artwork into origami that folds into the page, you unfold it to look at the full picture and fold it back into a little 2x2 square or triangle or another shape if your really creative! You can also write the age and what he says the pic is of on the little outside square with that method. The second is my fav method i've heard but it will take me burning the midnight oil the day before their grad parties to get it done cuz i'm really bad about procrastinating and that seems like a daunting but worthwhile task! If you want more suggestions search scrapbooking blogs and websites!


I use e-bills through electronic bill pay and it's great! I have control of when they get paid and get an e-mail when each bill for review, etc. I love it... and it works for me so far!


Jen, Good for you! At least you have goals to work towards. I'm at a point where I feel like giving up, especially with the paper clutter. And I mean ALOT! I just don't think I have an area in my brain that knows how to deal with it. I keep thinking to myself that it shouldn't be that hard. But, you're right, we should deal with it right away. That would make it so much easier, wouldn't it?? Would I like easy? Yes, but I have an attitude problem with easy. I just don't want to take the time to deal with easy...I don't want to deal with paper clutter and easy at all!!...I don't even want to look at it as it comes in. I wish I could just throw everything away as it comes in. Then that would be way too easy. Then I wouldn't have anything to complain about...ooh such a dilemna...:)I need help, too. If you find the answers, let me know.


I agree with hope - 50% isn't too bad! I think your list for 2010 is completely managable and I look forward to reading about your progress in the coming year!

As for the paperwork . . . several years ago we bought a lateral filecabinet for our 'office'. The hanging folders are labels for every bill that comes in (ie., 'Electric', 'Water', 'XYZ Credit Card', etc.) Everything gets filed as it comes in/gets paid so that it is kept in order.

I look forward to ready others' responses on the artwork . . . so far I just have a folder that I keep most of Cooper's pictures and school projects in - usually 1 or 2 pieces a month so that I don't get overloaded.)


I think that 50% is probably better than most people manage!

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