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These pictures are awesome!! I love ice fishing.

jenny's mom, tucker's gram

looks like everyone had a fun day, glad tucker liked fishing. he's going to be a little outdoorsman like his dad


Since I'm from Maryland, seeing the frozen lake seems out of this world to me!! We've had records amount of snow this season (over 75 inches), but within a couple weeks of each of the storms, the snow is basically gone. So crazy!

And the one of the two of them on the 4 wheeler is adorable :)


The look on their faces on the 4 wheeler is priceless!


What fun! I love the shots of Tucker fishing - he looks so determined!

And we had winter well into April last year (which is not terribly unusual for Denver), which meant that on more than one occasion I was out shaking trees and playing with kids in my husbands snowpants and jacket (he is a bit husky.)

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