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leslie collins

wow! :) i am so glad you made it to the hospital. what an amazing story!

love his name and btw...he is sooo adorable.

congrats, jenny.


WOW! What an amazing story and adventure. I guess that little guy was ready! He's beautiful!


Isn't it absolutely amazing us women live through this? And have throughout all time?

I had an epidural and a long labor with my first, but my epidural stopped working with the twins and then things happened fast and very, very painfully. Every ounce of pain was still so fresh in my mind for weeks afterward, but as with other things, the pain was truly forgotten, even though I remember feeling the exact same way as "How in the hell am I going to be able to do this?" was written in your post.

So glad for you that you did have a healthy, beautiful little boy and cannot wait to watch him grow up, as I've so enjoyed watching Tucker.

congratulations again--take care!


susan weinroth

jenny!!! i read this the other night but didnt get a chance to comment.... i LOVE little levi's birth story! i am just so sad for you that you missed out on the epi! you are such a trooper! and hail + rain + an hr drive?!?!?! omg. wow! so glad you got there in time. and keep the newborn pics coming. i LOVE them!!!


I loved reading this - you did awesome! Yay for quick deliveries!


Wow! I can't even imagine your drive to the birthing center! Craziness! I'm so glad that everything worked out ok and that you have a perfect little boy now. :)


That is the way to have a baby! Levi's birth sounds a lot like my Maren's birth - and you are most certainly right about any other kiddos coming faster the next time around! I am so glad to hear that he arrived safe and sound and that you are all doing well!


Wow Jenny GREAT story!!!! I now have no hope if I have another baby one day since my little Owen was fast at 3 1/2 hours!!!! BUT I am 5 mins from my story brought back all my painful memories of having Owen but what I still don't understand is why they can't give the me that is BS ONLY because after my epidural with Owen I literally was told that I was 10 cent. time to push....I pushed just fine and 20 mins later...a miracle.... sooo glad for you guys... and loving Levi's middle name...your grandfather would be sooo excited for that:) Congrats again!!


You have a really beautiful little guy there. I feel like you should win something for not having drugs...besides a baby. Like a lifetime supply of Nutella and white wine...and popcorn....and crusty bread grilled cheese sandwiches - all with zero calories. Yes. I think that would be suitable.

LeeAnn Howard

Oh I loved reading your birth story! Yay for quick deliveries!! Although I dont know how you can be sane through that ONE hour drive?!?! Are you nuts??? Just happy you made it there in time and the delivery went good, even without drugs. :) Congrats Jenny! He is beautiful!!


Yay for FAST deliveries! I was the same way with both of my boys:)


Congrats. Levi, what a great name.


wow, so glad you didn't have to deliver in the car! That is a long drive in bad weather with a short just never know! Thank God everything was okay other than the fractured clavicle (poor Levi).
PS This birth story sounds like when my mom had me ( 6 weeks early!), just checked in and then had me 15 min later


Nice work Jenny! It sure does make for a great story!


Oh geez, that is getting me ready for another round of this...Yikes I hope I can make it there in time for drugs because my first experience I decided last minute to take them and boy I am glad I did. We cannot wait to meet Levi!! Ps. I love the name.


Wow, what a story Jenny! Glad you made it to the hospital. I was beginning to wonder if you would as the story went on. Levi is such a cutie!


Cheers to a fellow member of the "giving birth without drugs club" and I'm so glad that you made it to the hospital! that is absolutely CRAZY!
I thought my labor/delivery went fast at 2.5 hours....but you rock! and your cute little reward makes it all worth it! He's a doll....

Becky Roswold

You tell things just awesomely, I was giggling and tearing in some spots. Thank you for sharing Great job he his gorgeous just like the rest of his family. Congrats Momma


all i can say is: YOU ARE MY HERO JENNY COOK.

any woman who gives birth without pain meds is amazing to me.

i'm eating up the photos of your little guy. looking forward to seeing more!

now, go get some rest!


Oh Jenny- *groan*- I just relived Sam's birth thru your story. OW. So glad everything turned out okay. Your guy is adorable!

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