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What a little cuties! Congratulations!!




Oh, Jenny! He is ADORABLE! Congratulations on Mr. Levi and on becoming a family of 4! I hope the transition goes smoothly and that you hit your groove soon - it will happen!


Yay!!! Congrats Jenny and Matt! Levi is adorable :)


He's beautiful! Congrats!


Congratulations Jenny!! He is absolutely amazing!!! So cute, I agree he does look so much like his big brother!!! I am so happy for you guys!!! I CAN NOT wait to meet him, but know how the first few days home are, I will call you next week and we can pick a good day to come visit!! Hope you can get in some sleep, take care enjoy your new family of four!!!! Tell big brother hi from us!


I want to squeeze him! Congrats :)


Jenny, he's gorgeous and precious! He looks very happy and content to be on the outside :) I hope your new family of 4 is adjusting well! Huge congratulations again! Keep the pictures coming!


Congratulation's Jenny. He is so adorable....

LeeAnn Howard

Im sure youve heard this many times now.. but you have to hear it again.. He is PERFECT!!! he is just beautiful!!


what a sweetie!!! hope you're able to get some rest. can't wait to meet him. glad tucker is adjusting well!!!


what a doll! congrats, i'm so happy for your family!


OH i LOVE this picture. i think he looks like tucker, but more like you?? adorable!

i was going to try to stop by yesterday over lunch but we had to bring max to the dr so that ate up my lunch break. :( we are coming to SB on saturday... if you are going to be around i would love to stop by for just a couple minutes and meet him.

love you! so happy for all of you!

Leslie Collins

he is gorgeous! what beautiful skin. oh, congrats...there is nothing better than a new babe. :)


Congratulations! He's precious!


Congratulations Jenny! Glad he arrived safe and sound and what a great name! Soak up all these newborn moments, as they go so fast. Take Care!

susan weinroth

he is GORGEOUS jenny!!!
huge congrats to the whole family.
i love the pic!!! can't wait to see more - hope you are feeling ok.... :)

Nicole Barczak

He's beautiful! I think he looks just like you. Congratulations!




He is sooo cute! Congratulations!


He's beautiful!

Kasey Laughlin

He's gorgeous! Congrats!!!

Becky Roswold

Hes adorable just like his momma and brother. I do see some Matt in there too. Congrats, Jenny


He is adorable! Thanks for getting us a picture!! Can't wait to hear your story and see more of this little guy...
Congrats Jenny!


He's amazing Jen! Jen's baby was just born this morning:)


He's beautiful.
Congratulations :)


So super sweet!! Congrats to you all. Life will all fall into place. Get some rest for yourself. Thanks for sharing...

Kaatji Gomez

He is PERFECT!!!!! Congrats again!

Kim Osmundson

Thank you so much for sharing this w/us! He is beautiful...congrats to you all!


Congrats Jenny! He is adorable! Can't wait to hear more about the birth, etc.. Take care of yourself and get some rest!

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