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A great day indeed!! I need a day like that, send me some lucky mojo, will ya?!


Sounds like a great day! Maurices is my FAV too! Love that place.:)

Jenny's mom, Tucker & Levi's gram

Good days are priceless, glad I got to be a part of yours, I love you babe!


and HOW did you get out of Target for under $25? I have never done that in my whole life??? been thinking about that for the last hour!


Love good days like this! I need to go listen to that song :) And about your skin care screening......I go every year and for the past month I have been sliced and diced! Had one sliced off. Removed and biopsied only to find out it was a bad one and he need to go back at it.....13 stitckes later! Just last week getting the stitches removed he rechecked a different mole and decided to take that one as well. Ugh. Waiting for results of that what. Better to be safe than sorry :)


haha... you're welcome!! ;)

glad you had a good day! everyone needs one of those once in awhile!


curious, what lotion she referred to you....we have horribly dry skin. I use Cetaphyl, but am always looking for other solutions.
I had 5 (five) weird things at the derm a few weeks ago. they got the liquid nitrogen treatment, ouch! my derm told me that she could tell that I use sunblock religiously! that was a good feeling too!
I love those kind of days! Now, we'll see how it goes at the derm tomorrow with the boy.....


NICE! :)

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